David Murphy joined Nobis Industrial Sales in 2014. Originally from Louisville, Kentucky; David currently lives in Fort Wayne with his wife Laura. An alum of the University of Central Florida, he pursued an interest in electrical engineering but ultimately settled into business management. Prior to joining Nobis, David worked in physician placement.

David’s core strengths include information technology, procedural development, implementation, and strategic planning. He speaks several languages and is trained in Six Sigma DMAIC process improvement. David utilizes a mixture of interpersonal skills, problem solving abilities, and persistence that allow him to shine as a professional manufacturer’s representative.

In addition to his organizational duties David is involved with the PTRA’s Board of Directors, and collaborates with key members of the MCMA as well as the AHTD. David completes Certified Professional Manufacturer’s Representative training in 2019, when he is officially CPMR.

Persistence is to the character of man as carbon is to steel.

Napoleon Hill